The Christian Welcome on The Way (Spanish acronym: ACC) is the effort by a significant number of Diocese and Church hostels (of parishes, religious orders, of brotherhoods...) to improve the service to the pilgrims on The Way of Saint James. It is true that the pilgrimage to Santiago has grown and changed quite a lot in recent years. The religious motivation is not the only one and for many pilgrims it is not the fundamental reason. However, it is for an important number of pilgrims, who seek better religious and spiritual attention. Ultimately, Christ—The Way, Truth and Life—is and will continue to go out to meet everyone who becomes a pilgrim, offering his Gospel for salvation. The Church has been involved since the beginning in the hospitality to pilgrims. Other agents that thirty years ago were not present on The Way, today play an important role in that hospitality, such as institutions, altruistic organisations, private companies, etc. Precisely now that the aspects of humanitarian attention are better organised thanks to this plural offer, there is the need to offer a more identified welcome. Everyone must be on The Way as what they are, and the Church is there to make Christ present and lead pilgrims to his encounter, because it firmly believes that only he can quench hunger and thirst with the truth, can really heal the wounds of the soul and provide relief for man's tired heart. He is the destination and the meaning of human pilgrimage.

The ACC is not an instituted organisation, but a group of people who share illusions and work.Those of us involved are:

- The Pilgrim's Office of Santiago de Compostela.

- The Interdiocesan Commission of delegates for The Way of Saint James.

- A series of masculine and feminine religious communities that execute the welcome along The Way: Benedictines, Augustinians, Cistercians, Franciscans, Dominicans, etc.

- Various priests and parish hostels.

- Hosts who devote their time and enthusiasm to serve pilgrims in church hostels and who try to accompany them along their faith's journey.

If you consider that your hostel or parish should participate in this action, write to us at:

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